PREMATURE AGING and DISEASE: The Scourge of Highly Processed Foods

Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) are created through a spontaneous reaction between sugars and proteins, lipids, or DNA. Over time, AGEs build up in the system contributing to premature aging and age-related diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, chronic kidney disease and Alzheimer’s disease.
Limiting dietary AGEs has been shown to reduce levels of inflammation and oxidative stress, thus lowering the risk of chronic diseases. Highly processed sugared products are dangerously high in AGEs and should be studiously avoided.

The Price of Facile Wealth: Confessions of a Prostitute

As a courtesan, Natalia McLennan lived the melodic life. Her lifestyle embodied the path of least resistance: she reveled in a surfeit of money and love. In this fabled existence, she splayed her legs in far flung destinations in enviable style. Hence, in a two-month period she crisscrossed the country at the expense of her clients. Though it is difficult to compute the wealth amassed over her fleeting career, she made unwarranted amounts of money. Soothing her expensive taste, she splurged on pricey jewelry and other designer accessories. But the easy life on the fast track is a date with disaster and the contours of her life was predestined to validate this aphorism. In hot pursuit of self-indulgence, she became ensnared in a web of whoredom. After six months of uninterrupted whoring and drug-binging, her flight of sexual escapades begun its descent with deadly velocity. Hospitalized, broke and friendless she ended up in prison. In a stinging rebuke to the profession, she rued that prostitution is but a senseless degradation of the human spirit. In her words: In its purest, darkest form, it’s horrible. Hers is not a lone voice. On May 14, 2012, her enabler and pimp, Jason Itzler, was sentenced to four years in prison. Like Iceberg Slim and Polly Adler, Natalia McLennan ended up with where she began, with nothing – the price of a facile wealth.


The Perils of Prostitution: The Grim Reality The grim statistics against prostitution is harshly revealing.  While 73% of prostitutes reported having experienced physical assault, over 92% stated that they wanted to escape the abhorrent life immediately.[1]  This number has not changed in a hundred years.  Yet prostitution is a growing profession.  More depressing, is that prostitutes …