I am a Canadian national currently residing in Toronto, Canada. An alumnus of the University of Toronto, I graduated with a PhD in Microbiology before joining private industry as a research scientist analyzing and developing analytical methods for food, water, air and pharmaceutical samples. In addition to experimental work, I have lectured extensively on Microbiology, Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences. To extend my vistas, I spent four years in China. Among some of my activities were lecturing on Critical Thinking and teaching conversational English. I live by the credo that meaningful effort is never wasted. In this regard, I have delivered presentations on Personal Entropy, The Eloquence of Effort and Entropy and the Environment to interested groups. Currently, I am is on the Science Advisory Panel of the Green Think Tank, an organization dedicated to environmental issues. I am also affiliated with an environmental group affiliated with Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia. In addition to authoring several scholarly papers, I have authored a book on personal development entitled The Eloquence of Effort available on Amazon and other online book vendors. During my tenure as a graduate student, I was the proud recipient of several prestigious scholarships.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: The Source of Youthful Vitality

Physical Effort Inexorably, all things tend to randomization – disorder.  And regrettably, that includes the human body. The unrelenting offensive of the forces of entropy on the human organism spontaneously hastens it deterioration. Of personal concern is how can onslaught be minimized to ensure the body’s youthful vitality. What, if anything, can be done to …

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Paper Consumption The consequences of mindless deforestation are soil erosion, devastating floods, loss of water filtration, decimation of aquatic life and the loss of natural human and animal habitat. Forest loss also reduces the availability of renewable resources like timber, medicinal plants, nuts, fruit, and wildlife.[1] All plants absorb carbon dioxide (CO2 ) and release …


ENTROPY and the ENVIRONMENT: Mining and Deforestation

Introduction Living systems preserve life by resisting the tendency to molecular disorder. Continuously they strive to defend their structural integrity by extracting energy from the environment returning the dissipated energy back to the environment in the form of toxic waste.  Both the accumulation of toxic waste and the flow-through of dissipated energy are existential threats …

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  Introduction A democratically-elected Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa. His inauguration in May 1994 was graced by several world leaders. His administration, The Government of National Unity, was suitably dominated by the African National Congress (ANC) – the current governing party of South Africa.  The contours of Mandela’s political thoughts …



Reverence for Life: All Forms In 1952,as Mother Teresa tottered towards the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Albert Schweitzerwas proudly accepting his. He couldhave lived luxuriously in his native Germany. A university lecturer, amusician, a writer, a speaker and an organist were just a few of his list ofaccomplishments. Despite his successes, he surrendered all to …

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Mother Theresa: 1910-1997 Soon after Gandhi death, Mother Theresa became an Indian citizen and initiated her own Charitable Foundation. Four years after its inception – June 1952 – in a blinding monsoon, she skirted the perimeter of the local Medical College Hospital in search of the sick and dying. As if expecting it, she stumbled …