I am a Canadian national currently residing in Toronto, Canada. An alumnus of the University of Toronto, I graduated with a PhD in Microbiology before joining private industry as a research scientist analyzing and developing analytical methods for food, water, air and pharmaceutical samples. In addition to experimental work, I have lectured extensively on Microbiology, Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences. To extend my vistas, I spent four years in China. Among some of my activities were lecturing on Critical Thinking and teaching conversational English. I live by the credo that meaningful effort is never wasted. In this regard, I have delivered presentations on Personal Entropy, The Eloquence of Effort and Entropy and the Environment to interested groups. Currently, I am is on the Science Advisory Panel of the Green Think Tank, an organization dedicated to environmental issues. I am also affiliated with an environmental group affiliated with Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia. In addition to authoring several scholarly papers, I have authored a book on personal development entitled The Eloquence of Effort available on Amazon and other online book vendors. During my tenure as a graduate student, I was the proud recipient of several prestigious scholarships.


Reverence for Life: All Forms In 1952,as Mother Teresa tottered towards the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Albert Schweitzerwas proudly accepting his. He couldhave lived luxuriously in his native Germany. A university lecturer, amusician, a writer, a speaker and an organist were just a few of his list ofaccomplishments. Despite his successes, he surrendered all to …

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Mother Theresa: 1910-1997 Soon after Gandhi death, Mother Theresa became an Indian citizen and initiated her own Charitable Foundation. Four years after its inception – June 1952 – in a blinding monsoon, she skirted the perimeter of the local Medical College Hospital in search of the sick and dying. As if expecting it, she stumbled …


The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Boy

Early Life and Education January 17, 1968 the world celebrated the first docking of the two manned space crafts, Soyuz 4 and 5.  Several thousand miles away in a somnolent village a nano-hero docked with planet earth.  Sunil Kumar was born in the district ofPratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India.  His native village, set in a bucolic vale, enclosed by …

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