sustained effort never fails


If the economic success of postwar Japan was fueled by its unbending will and durable work ethic, applying the same philosophy the Japanese will again soar to higher echelons of success. Surely this is more than sanguine optimism. Sustained effort never fails. The evidence booms deafeningly. From the blackened ashes of destruction, Japan has risen, dusted off herself, licked her gaping wounds, buried her oozing dead, sobbed silently, swallowed her copious tears and faced her adversities courageously. She has endured the inflicted pain with resilience and dignity while her able sons and daughters dedicatedly sweated at 60-hourweek jobs heeding the precepts of their ancestral masters. They have learned the value of loyal service; they have learned that the needs of the group supersede personal needs; they have learned that dedication and hard work pays rich dividends; they have learned that all work is Buddha practice; and they have learned that the employees are the employers’ most valuable assets. And for that the results are conspicuously visible.